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John C. Maddox
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The Maddox Family

Jeffrey, Catherine, James, Jeremy, Marcia, Elizabeth (2), Andrew

(Race: Caucasian)

"Mattox" could be a Welsh name because of the "ox."

The Mattox family are thought to have sailed from England in the early 1600s. Grandfather Robert Clark Mattox believed that the family originated in Fauquier County, Virginia. An ancestor of George Washington, Col. John Washington, was given land on Mattox Creek, Virginia, in 1659. If there was a Mattox Creek in Virginia that early, it appears that the Mattox family must have been very early settlers, possibly in the 1600s.

There is a map showing Mattox Creek and Mattox Farm just off the Potomac River, north of the intersection of route 205 and 3, about 33 miles east of Fredericksburg, VA.

My father, Ronald (photo), has always said we are part English and part something else.

  my children:
                Catherine, James
  my siblings:
                Marcia (Belvedere, CA)
                Elizabeth (Sea Ranch, CA)
                Jeremy (Seattle, WA)
                   children:  Elizabeth, Andrew
  my father:    Ronald Mattox
                   born: 10/6/1899, Aurora Indiana (Dearborn County)
                   died: 4/5/1997
                   his wife: Louise Mautz
                   business: accounting ("Ronald Mattox and Associates")
                                           Madison, WI
  grandfather:  Robert Clark Mattox
                   born: 10/11/1858, Aurora Indiana
                   his wife: Fannie Barnhart (died 1919)
                   business: lumber ("RC Mattox Lumber")
                   children: Madeline (married Alexander Squibb in 1927)
                             Ronald (see above)
  great GF:     Robert Mattox
                   his wife: Ruth
                   daughters (died young)
                         Nancy Jane
                         Ruth Alice
                   his sons:
                         Robert Clark (see above)
                         Henry (married Lillian, sons Harry & LeRoy)
                         William Allen (never married)
                         George Wesley
                              daughters: Rosa Lee "Rose",
                                         Mary Ruth "Mayme"
                              sons: George Edwin
                                    Robert Knox
                                       daughter: Evelyn Florance
                                       grandson: Ed Probst
                         Frank (son: Carl)
                         Charles 1853-1925
                              son: Marcus
                                   son: Marcu Jr.
                                        son: Mark
                         Lewis Herbert
Jeff's family tree

See the Lana Mattox Mountford section (below) for a possible link to my tree.

Lana Mattox Mountford

(Submitted:13 Nov 1996)

Research by my aunt has indicated that the family traces its roots back to Denmark in the middle-ages, to a Prince Maduc, and that all variations in spelling (Maddox, Madducks, Maddocks, etc.) are variants of this original source. There appear to be Irish and Welsh branches of the family. Our line springs from the Welsh.

It appears we arrived from England in the early 1800s as part of the early Methodist influx following the Wesley brothers. Originally settling in Virginia, the family moved to Indiana sometime in the 1830s or 40s, and then to Kansas in the 1860s. They settled in Liberal, KS, and donated the land for the first Methodist church there.

My great-grandfather, William Herbert, settled in Bourbon County (southeastern Kansas) in the 1870s. My grandfather, Paul John Mattox, ran the newspaper in Bronson, KS (the Bourbon County seat). One of his brothers was killed in the Spanish-American war, NOT as a soldier, but as a "gun-runner" for the Spanish side (every family has at least one "black sheep"!). Paul John Mattox had four children: George William (deceased), John Paul (my father, deceased), Margaret (my aunt), and Charles Herbert (my uncle, deceased).


  my siblings:
                Paul William Mattox (Milwaukee, WI)
                Lowell John Mattox (Coppell, TX)
                   children:  Niles Lowell
                              Holly Jean
  my father:    John Paul Mattox (1918-1995)
                   born: Kansas
  grandfather:  Paul John Mattox (1884-1970)
                   (Bronson, KS)
                   business: newspaperman
                   children:  John Paul (see above)
                              George William
                              Margaret, born 1908
                              Charles Herbert, born 1904
  great GF:     William Herbert Mattox (1856-1947)
                   born: Liberal, KS
                      Paul John Mattox (see above)
  great-great GF:
                George (1831-1918)
                   Dearborn County, Indiana

Other Tidbits:

  1. We tend to be quite tall, including the women.
  2. We have what we affectionately call the "Mattox nose."
  3. The Mattoxes seem to live a long time.
  4. We tend to be artistic and/or musical. I majored in piano performance in college, and I'm heavily involved in vocal music now.
  5. My Uncle Charles has a museum named after him in Albuquerque -- the Charles Mattox Children's Museum.

Lana Mattox Mountford
Marriage made me what I am today: Happily divorced!

Lana's family tree

Click here for more information submitted by John C. Maddox regarding Lana's family (including a speculative link to Jeffrey's family), as well as many other Mattoxes.

Joel Mattox

(Submitted: 31 Jan 1997)

Mr. Ed Probst Sr. is my uncle Eddie (See Jeffrey's tree, above). My grandfather was Robert K. Mattox of Lawrenceburg, IN. My dad is Robert E. Mattox of St. Joseph, MI.

  my grandfather:    Robert K. Mattox (deceased)
  my father:           Robert E. Mattox  (St. Joseph, MI)
  my brother:             Robert E. Mattox, Jr. (St. Joseph, MI)
  me:                     Joel D. Mattox (Saratoga, CA)
  my children:               Jeffrey Christopher Mattox (Saratoga)
                             Kathleen Evelyn Mattox (Saratoga)
A random net search for "Joel Mattox" turned up another one with the FAA in Washington DC, but I've not contacted him.

Amy Mattox Stonehill

(Submitted: 15 Nov 1996)

  me:           Amy Elizabeth Mattox Stonehill
                   Sacramento, CA
                   administrative assistant, engineering firm
                   age 29
  my sister:    Lisa Jeanne Mattox DeVogel, Seattle, WA, age 32
  my father:    Stephen Michael Mattox, Warren OR, age 61
                   born: Seattle, WA
                   his wife: Ingrid Johanna Lien, deceased
  grandfather:  Eugene Mattox, deceased
                   his wife: Olive Whitcom, deceased
                       Stephen Michael (see above)
                       David Mattox, deceased
                       Jeanne Mattox Walker, Phoenix, AZ
                             Susan Walker Bryan, Portland, OR
                                children: Thomas Bryan, Portland, OR
                                          Julie Bryan, Portland, OR
                             Laura Walker Johnson, Portland, OR
                                children: Nicholas Johnson, Portland, OR

My father traced our roots to Virginia, and then to Wales. He was born and raised in the Seattle area, and most of the relations originated in the Seattle area.

Amy's family tree

William S. Mattox

(Submitted: 06 Oct 1996)
c/o Linda Peters (below)

I live in Camino, CA and am a high school student. Most of my Mattox relatives live in the Colton/San Bernardino/Riverside area of California, but originated from Indiana.


I'm William Mattox's mother. My son's grandfather is William Earl Mattox, originally from Indianapolis. His great-grandfather was Earl Everett Mattox and his great-great-grandfather was MacDonald Mattox. My son does have an uncle by the name of Robert Mattox, perhaps named after another relative.

Linda Peters


  me                  William  S. Mattox
  my mother:          Linda Peters
  my uncle:           Robert Mattox
  my grandfather:     William Earl Mattox
                         Indianapolis, Indiana

  my great GF:        Earl Everett Mattox
  my great-great GF:  MacDonald Mattox
Williams's family tree

Michael Lee Mattox, Jr.

(Submitted: 9 Oct 96)

My name is Michael Lee Mattox Jr. or otherwise known as Mike "The Ox" Mattox, I live in indianapolis, indiana. My proffesions are (its plural for a reason) network administrator, disc jockey at 89.5 fm FRANKLIN'S NEW ROCK ALTERNATIVE, cad operator, computer systems intergrator.

I have a wife Jennifer E. Mattox, and a 16 month old daughter Brandi Arianne Mattox.

George Mattox

(Submitted: 7 Nov 96, updated: 24 Jan 97)

I was born in 1980. I live in São Paulo, Brazil, in South America. I belong to the Brazilian branch of the family. My grandfather is American but he lives here in Brazil. His name's Robert Taliaferro Mattox. He was at the second world war in the Pacific. Our family is from Indiana.

The earliest Mattox I know of in my family was a man called Peter Mattox, but his surname was written: MATTOCKS. See the family tree for more details. Well, this man had 12 childrens, but I only found out one name, Mr. William Wallace Rufus (or Ruthvan) Mattox. This one had four kids: Elmer, Ernest, Oren and grandfather's grandfather Fred Phinney Mattox. Fred went to Chiuaua, Mexico. He maried with Ima Mclane George and had more three little kids: Grace, Howard and George Wallace Mattox. This one is my great grandfather. George went to Cuba and had three more children: Frederick (who died in 1985), Eleanor (who lives somewhere in the Middle America) and my grandfather, Robert Taliaferro Mattox (Bob). My grandfather came to Brazil with his brother, sister and his parents and later, in December 13 in 1949, right after the war, he married with Lia, my granmother. They had three kids: George, Richard and Robert Jr (my dad), but only my dad survived. The other two died when they were only little kids. My father married with my mother (Alice ) and then I and my little brother John were born.

George's family tree

Click here for more information submitted by John C. Maddox regarding George's family (including his grandfather, Robert Taliaferro Mattox Sr.), as well as many other Mattoxes.

Rick L. Mattox

(Submitted: 5 Dec 96)

My name is Rick L. Mattox, I was born in 9/15/61. I am an electronic engineer in Hanover Park, Illinois.

We believe that we are directly decended from the first Mattoxes to immigrate to America. Our original name was "Mattocks". We immigrated in the early1700's from England and settled in the Ohio territory.

Arthur W., William W.

(Submitted: 1 Jan 97)

Arthur W. is the uncle of William W. Mattox, Ph.D. William's father, Larry L. Mattox (Boyne City, MI), is my older brother. William also has two brothers, Richard and Thomas, both located in Kalamazoo, MI.


     Larry L. Mattox
             William W. Mattox, Ph.D.
     Arthur W. Mattox

Thomas Craig Mattox

(Submitted: 10 Feb 97)

I am Thomas Craig Mattox from Orlando, FL. I was born in Selma,AL. My grandfather is Thomas A. Mattox and my father is Daniel W. Mattox. I attend the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Richard Mattox

(Submitted: 16 Feb 97)

My name is Richard Mattox and I leave in Winnsboro South Carolina. My wife's name is Debbi Shaner Mattox. I was born in Fairfield County in 1951. My father's name was Herbert Odell Mattox and was married to Martha Pate Mattox. His was born in 1910. Our family is quite large consisting of five boys and three girls.

Their names are:

    William Carol Mattox            Margie Mattox Wilson
    Harold Odell Mattox             Jolene Mattox Taylor
    Milton Mark Mattox              Brenda Mattox Burns
    George Herman Mattox
    Tommy Richard Mattox

Chalres D. Mattox

(Submitted: 10 Mar 97)

Children: Robert J. Mattox, Michael S. Mattox, Jason A. Mattox

Chris S. Mattox

(Submitted: 12 Mar 97)

I am Chris S. Mattox of Bloomfield, Indiana. I am a high school teacher, and son of Walter M. Mattox, retired school administrator. My father and I are both "only" children. My grandfather, Clarence Mattox, was a coal miner and farmer of Sullivan County, Indiana.

I am assuming that the Mattox families settling in this area were European immigrants who were farmers, miners, etc. The parental names of my grandfather were James and Ellen Mattox.

MaryAnne Mattox Kelly

(Submitted: 23 Mar 97)

I have a brother, Richard, in Seattle and a brother, Gerald, in Marshaltown, IA. I reside in San Jose, CA. My father was Harold William Mattox, born in 1906 in Northfield, MN.

Wayne A. Mattox

(Submitted: 1 May 97)

I am Wayne A. Mattox, originally of Columbia, S.C., now living in Lilburn GA. I do not know if there are family relationships with other registrants. I am interested in contacting two first cousins whom I have never met or spoken with. They are a son and daughter of Reuben Mattox (deceased) of Hawaii. My father was John A. Mattox, Reuben's brother.

Ken Mattox

(Submitted: 3 May 97)

I am in Houston and am the grandson of Ramona and Pearl Mattox.

Tracy Mattox Steele

(Submitted: 10 May 97, by Steven (husband))

I am not a Mattox, but my wife is. Her name is Tracy Mattox married name Steele. We live in Bluffton, Ohio. She is a Home Economics Teacher at Arlington High School, Arlington, Ohio. She has brothers Matthew and Mark, 1/2 brothers Mark and Jacob, and 1/2 sister Melissa Mattox Turner.

Her dad's family is from Terre Haute IN and there are still Mattoxes who live there. There was a Louis Mattox, my wife's grandfather, who lived in Toledo, Ohio and was a bigwig in the Toledo Democratic Party and also a bigwig in one of the unions.

Matthew J. Mattox

(Submitted: 26 May 97)

I live in Toledo Ohio. I also have two sons by the names of Michael James and Matthew Joshua, and one on the way, his name will be Joseph Kyle. I am Tracy Lee's (from Bluffton) brother. I also have a brother, his name is Mark Joseph. He also lives in Toledo. My father's name (deceased) was Marquis Jacob, and my grandfather was Lewis Henry,(raised in Indiana).

Diana Mattox Jones

(Submitted: 17 Sep 97)

My name is Diana Mattox Jones and I was born and raised in Wolcott, Indiana. Frank L. Mattox is my brother.


    Perman L. Mattox (Wolcott, IN) (married Kean)
        Frank L. Mattox, Sr. (Wolcott, IN)
            children: 4 boys, 3 girls
            Frank L.

Gary L. Mattox, Jr.

(Submitted: 15 Feb 98)

My great-great grandfather was Louis and he was married to a woman named Mary. My great grandfather was named Aaron, and he had several brothers and sisters, but off the top of my head all I can remember is his brother Lloyd. His son is my grandfather, also Louis, who is married to a woman named Dorothy Goble. They have five kids-Maryanne (Kryzmalski), Louis, Gary (My father) Jeannie (Terry) and Brenda (Bennett). My father is married to Diane Lee Winn and I have one brother, Brian. Also according to my grandfathers recollection, his family is mostly from New York, at least up to his father for sure. Most of my family lives in New Jersey, save my Uncle Lou, who lives in Texas, and my Aunt Jean, who lives in New York.

Lane P. Mattox

(Submitted: 9 Nov 97)

My name's Lane Mattox and I live in Encinitas Ca. ... I thought I'd let you know that there is a clan of Mattox's out here not included in your list. Actually, we would have been the Mattax's, but due to a clerical error when my grandpa was in the military, his last name was officially changed to John S. Mattox. John and his wife Audrey now live in Pensacola Fla. The other nine Mattox's live in Southern California. There are also a few remaining Mattax's out here, too. Lane P. Mattox

Michael D. Mattox

(Submitted: 13 Dec 97)

I have been researching our family for a couple of years and have a lot of information about our branch.... Most of our family is from the WV, Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio area. Michael D. Mattox, Theatrical Technician, Morgantown, WV.

Lee Mattox

(Submitted: 4 May 97)

I am Lee Mattox, son of Gary who is the son of Fitzhugh II, who is obviously the son of Fitzhugh I, who is the son of Alexander, who is the son of Robert, who is the son of.... any way you get the picture. We also go back to Nathan Maddox and have our lineage traced back to him. I am currently seeking teacher certification at Lynchburg College in Virginia. I like the Web page and links, however the coat of arms should contain a VW logo :-)

Angela Winters

(Submitted: 29 Jan 98)

My name is Patricia (Shook) Winters. My mothers maiden name was Mattox. I am starting to fill out my family tree, but nobody seems to know very much about the Mattox side. My grandfather's name was Ray Mattox. He lived in the Stilwell, OK area. My mothers name was Janice (Mattox) Shook. I believe that he was born in Arkansas.

J. Michael Mattox

(Submitted: 08 Feb 98)

My full legal name is "James Michael Mattox Jr.". My father is James Michael Mattox. He lives in Independence, KY. His father (my grandfather) is James Mattox (not sure of his middle name) and he lives in Cincinnati, OH.

Carmen Mattox

(Submitted: 96 Mar 98)

I am Carmen Mattox originaly from Palatka, Fl. I now reside in the West Palm Beach area. I am currently employed as a law enforcement officer. My father Foy Jerry Mattox resides in St. Augustine FL. and my grandfather Hiram Foy Mattox is deceased. Both my father and my grandfather are originally from the Panhandle area of FL.

Craig Mattox

(Submitted: 16 Apr 98)

I am 28 years old, born May 1, 1969 in Ozark, AL. I lived in Ozark all my life until I moved to Birmingham, AL to work for the Southeastern Conference in 1994. I graduated in 1994 from Auburn University and received my Masters Degree in 1996 from the University of Alabama, Birmingham. Both my father and grandfather were raised in Union Springs, AL.

Gary Wayne Mattox

(Submitted: 29 Aug 98)

I am Gary W. Mattox, originally from Carlisle, Kentucky.

My Father was Willie Herman Mattox of Nicholas County Kentucky. His sisters' and brothers' names were Vernia, Ruth, Ethel, Thurman, Carl and Stanley.

My Grandfather was Joseph Blackburn Mattox and his wife was Luida Dewelly.

My Great-Grandfather was Garrett Mattox. He had a bother named Elvie Mattox.

Roy Mattox

(Submitted: 19 Sept 98)

ROY EDWARD MATTOX-b.26 DEC 59,Toledo, OH; Married twice, no children; Current wife PAMELA GALE JOHNSON (previous married name TROUP; married Lawrenceburg TN 3 JUN 95.

Father:KENNETH CROWDER MATTOX-b.27 DEC 33, Lawrence Co,TN Mother:AGNUS ALLENE RAY-b.13 JAN 36, Lawrence Co,TN; married 26 DEC 53, Iuka, MS

Sister: ANITA RENE MATTOX-b.22 AUG 61, Nashville,TN; married 3 times (ATWOOD)(GARLAND)(STAGGS); Children: Michael Allen (Atwood)(adopted) Garland; Matthew Adam Garland, Sara Anne Garland, James William Andrew Garland.

Sister: KAREN DENISE MATTOX-b.24 JUL 64, Lawrenceburg,TN not married; no children

Brother: DONALD KEITH MATTOX-b.12 JUN 67, Waynesboro,TN married twice; no children

Sister: AMANDA RHEA MATTOX-b.17 APR 78,Lawrenceburg,TN married (PRENTICE) no children.

Grandfather: ROY CLETHEN MATTOX-b.11 MAR 07, Cullman, AL (?),d.28 AUG 73, Lawrenceburg, TN

Grandmother: BERTHA IOLA BIRDYSHAW-b.16 JUN 07, Cullman, AL (?),d.7 APR 80, Waynesboro, TN; married 28 OCT 23, Lawrence Co, TN.

Uncles: LESTER ROY MATTOX-b. 2 DEC 24, Lawrence Co, TN d.4 JAN 92, Florence, AL; married multiple times, children (names unknown at this time)

JAMES ALFRED MATTOX-b. 12 JAN 31, Lawrence Co, TN, married multiple times, known children Glen (deceased) Terry Dale Jack, and twin Judy.

VILLARD NEAL MATTOX-b.25 JUL 35,Lawrence Co, TN, married multiple times, children (names unknown at this time)

Aunts: WILLA DEAN MATTOX-b.10 JUN 29, Lawrence Co, TN, married (BOYD)children Jerry Don, Billy Lee, Barbara Ann

IVA DELL MATTOX-b.21 MAR 32, Lawrence Co, TN, married (SHEDD), children Joyce, Gary Wayne, Mark Anthony

RACHEL OKERLENE MATTOX-b.19 FEB 38, Lawrence Co, TN married (COX) children Patrica Ann, Roger, Arnold, Shannon (one deceased infant, name unknown)

DORTHY JUANITA MATTOX-b.11 MAR 40, Lawrence Co, TN, married (COX)children. NOTE: Rachel Okerlene and Dorthy Juanita married brothers Waylon and Orlando. Daughter of Willa Dean, (Barbara Ann) married a third brother Royce.

Greatgrandfather: ALFRED MATTOX
Greatgrandmother: ZELLA PIRKLE
No other information available at this time

Greatgrandfather: JIMMY BIRDYSHAW
Greatgrandmother: IDA JESTER
No other information available at this time

ROY CLETHEN MATTOX was one of several children,(brothers and sisters.)

Tina Peddie

(Submitted: 10 Oct 98)

JOHN MATTOCKS m. Ann MacKinzie
     MICHAEL McKenzie (Mattocks) Mattox b ca 1745 MD d.1815 Tattnall Co.,GA
              m. Elizabeth ("Hartridge?")
              ch:  Michael McKenzie , Sarah, Elijah, Aaron, JOHN (my line)
         JOHN ca 1776-1836 tattnall co.,GA  m. Sarah
              ch: Elijah, Wade Hampton, Keziah, Sarah, Michael McKenzie, Aaron,
                  Nancy, John, Joshua Martin, Emily, Pleasant Wiley Washington,
                  and ELIZABETH (my line);
             ELIZABETH b 1804 Colleton Dist.,SC m. 11 Jul 1827 Tattnall Co.,GA
                  Spencer MOORE (s/o John & Winnie Hardeman Moore)
                SARAH A.L. MOORE b. 1828 Tattnall Co.GA m/2 L.N.G. STRICKLAND
                   (had 3 dtrs); m/2 (myline) JETHRO J. JONES b. 1826 NC,
                   they res. Camden/Charlton/Berrien Co.,GA
                      COHEN IVERSON ("C.I.") JONES b. Apr 1869 Charlton Co.GA
                        m. Minnie Eugenia GUNN (d/o John Benton GUNN of Coffee
                        Jefferson Co.GA & Martha Bussey)   d. 1944 GA
                           ONIE JONES b. 1892 Tift Co.,GA  m. Frank STEMBRIDGE
                              LILLIAN AMELIA STEMBRIDGE 1917 GA - 1993 CA m.
                              Emory Calvin KEENE  1917 GA - 1970 CA
                                 ME, TINA  b. CA and still  here!

Dr. Joseph Edward Mattox

(Submitted: 5 Nov 98)

Dr. Joseph Edward Mattox, President of the HEART Institute, & Professor of Cross Cultural Studies at Warner Southern College, Lake Wales FL. My wife's nme is Elva and we have two sons; Joseph Christopher and Benjamin Noel.

Kenneth Gene Mattox

(Submitted: 30 Nov 98)

I built the Mattox House Motel in Green Forest, Arkansas in 1972. I have traced our family history back to Cornelius Maddox born in Wales in 1660. Some of my ancestors are: Michael (Mial) and Reddin B. Mattox of N.C. and William Henry and Ruffus David Mattox of Carroll County, Arkansas.

Gander Mattox

Cathy Mattox

(Submitted: 14 Dec 98)

     My name is Gander Mattox.  I currently reside in Kansas City, MO, but
     originated out of Elberton, Ga.  Below, I will list a bit of my 
     genealogy:  (My race is African-American!)

     William Mattox - (White) Celebrated Soldier, moved from Virginia to
                      Elberton, Ga. - Children - 1, Will 
       Will Mattox -  (White) Son of William Mattox, took over "Mattox
                      Plantation" after the death of his father, William. He
                      was know to have housed a number of runaway slaves from 
                      time to time.  It is very possible that the cabin used 
                      may have been later called "The Mattox Cabin" Children - 
                      4, at least one of which was (African American, Jack).
         Jack and Mary Mattox - (African American) One of four children     
                      belonging to Will Mattox. - Children - 1, Wyatt
            Wyatt and Mary Mattox - Only child of Jack and Mary.
                      Children - 10
              Lizzie - no children
              Louvenia - no children
              Vohammie - 4 children
                 Lizzie Mae
                 Assie Mae
                 John Henry
                     Ella - 1 child
              Liza - no children
              Essie - 1 child
              Robert - 1 child
              Earl (married twice)/Magnolia - 2 children,/Grace - 3 children
                 John Thomas/Bessie Lee - 11 children
                    Mary Eleanor/Raymond Ruffin - 3 children
                    Gloria Christine/Clifford King - 2 children
                    Thomas Lee/Almisha - 1 child
                       Thomas Lee Mattox, Jr.
                    John Earl/Maysonia - no children
                    Mac Winston/Carol - 2 children
                    Blenda Louvenia - 1 child
                    Corliss Magnolia/Bryan Armstead - 1 child
                       Bryan Armstead, Jr.
                    Rembert Charles/Cynthia - no children 
                    Carl Timothy/Kimberly - 4 children
                       Carl, Jr.
                    Gander Ronald - no children
                    Cathy Uyveal - no children 
                 Early Plumer - died as a child
                 Sarah Jo
              John Henry - 2 children
                 Mattie Louvenia
              George Washington - Announce his wedding and family did not
                 like the idea and was not about to allow it to happen.  He    
                 walked away and told them that they would never see him 
                 again.  That was in the 1890s.  A friend or relative saw and 
                 spoke with him about 10 to 15 years later in Chattanooga, TN. 
                 That may explain some of the Mattoxes in the Tennessee and 
                 Kentucky area.

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