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(March 2005) I'm still here, but the data shown below is wildly out of date. I have not been diligent in updating these pages. Mattoxes have sent me updates, which I have filed. Please continue to send me your family histories, etc., and eventually I hope to find time to update these pages. I thought computers were supposed to make life easier!

(1999) This table lists publically available Web information about MATTOXes. Some information has been contributed. If you are a Mattox and are not listed here, please send me details, including your relationship to any of the other Mattoxes. Please send me an update if you move or if your URLs change. Please excuse a few external links that don't work -- some of the data is old and it's hard to keep up.

I am Jeffrey Mattox, Madison, WI. I am an electrical engineer, but my home page is about the origins and diversity of life (genetics).

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Name/email (race *) Vocation(s)
A. Mattox Beckman, Jr. Computer science 
Urbana, IL 
Amy Mattox Stonehill  
Andrew Mattox(C)  
Northfield, MN 
Angela Winters  
Archie Mattox Conservation issues 
Arthur W. Mattox  
Milwaukee, WI 
Barry Gray Mattox Family 
Orlando, FL 
Bernadette Locke-Mattox(A) Basketball coach -- (URL#2
Lexington, KY 
Billy Mattox(C) account executive 
Blackshear, GA 
Brent Mattox  
Taylors, SC 
Brian Mattox  
Bruce L. Mattox  
Carmen Mattox  
West Palm Beach, FL 
Casey Mattox World peace 
University of Virginia 
Catherine Mattox(C)  
Neenah, WI 
Cathy Mattox(A) Computer Specialist 
Atlanta, GA 
Charles D. Mattox President of ViatiCom 
Clearwater, FL 
Chris S. Mattox  
Bloomfield, IN 
Chuck Mattox County judge 
El Paso, TX 
Cliff Mattox  
Connie L-H  
Craig Mattox  
Birmingham, AL 
Cynthia Mattox, MD Glaucoma 
Boston, MA 
D. E. Mattox Tinnitus 
D. Mattox Concurrent engineering 
Darell Mattox  
David Mattox Database systems 
Deborah Joyce Mattox Family 
Orlando, FL 
Dee Mattox-Hall Program Dir. U of Texas 
Galena Park, TX 
Diana Mattox Jones  
Dink Mattox(C) farmer 
Blackshear, GA 
Elizabeth G. Mattox Kiwanis 
Gainseville, FL 
Elizabeth Mattox(C)  
Elizabeth (Mattox) Langdon(C) Real estate 
The Sea Ranch, CA 
Fletcher Mattox Computers -- (URL#2
Austin, TX 
Frank L. Mattox Motorcycles 
Frank Mattox Baseball scout 
Seattle, WA 
Gale A. Mattox Political science -- (URL#2
Annapolis, MD 
Gander Mattox(A) Financial Systems 
Kansas City, MO 
Gary L. Mattox, Jr.  
Gary Wayne Mattox  
Carlisle, Kentucky 
George Mattox  
São Paulo, Brazil 
Gregg LeRoy Mattox Computer Science 
Omaha, NE 
Gregory Mattox Law student 
Orange, CA 
Harell K. Mattox, PFC Killed at Pearl Harbor 
J. Mattox  
Paris, KY 
Jack D. Mattox Law 
Sante Fe, MN 
Jake Mattox Director of development (k-7) 
Phoenix, AZ 
James Allen Mattox  
U.S. Army at Ft. Sill, OK 
James Durant Mattox, AM3c Killed at Pearl Harbor 
James Mattox(C) Roommate search 
ERAU, Prescott, AZ 
James Michael Mattox Jr.  
Phoenix, AZ 
Janeth G. Mattox, M.P.A. Sun Health Res. Inst 
Janis Mattox Musician 
Jean Van Keuren  
Jeffrey Mattox(C) Genome, Buddy software -- (URL#2
Madison, WI 
Jennifer Mattox MacPlay 
Irvine, CA 
Jeremy Mattox(C) Environmental services 
Seattle, WA 
Jim Mattox Texas Attorney General 
Joanna Mattox Russell  
Joel Mattox  
Saratoga, CA 
Johanna Mattox  
John Mattox, MD Reproductive endocrinology 
Phoenix, AZ 
John Patrick Mattox Network Admin 
Prestonsburg, KY 
John R. Mattox Mattox/Maddox Genealogy,
Astronomy professor
-- (URL#2
Fayetteville, NC 
Jon Mattox Young Dubliners 
Joseph Edward Mattox, Dr. President of the HEART Institute, Professor 
Lake Wales, FL 
Julie Mattox Dance 
Karen Mattox  
Clinton Twp. MI 
Karl Mattox Dean 
Oxford, OH 
Katherine Mattox Potter Accountant 
Kathie Mattox Health-care consulting 
St. Paul, MN 
Ken Mattox  
Houston, TX 
Ken Mattox Colloids 
Kenneth Gene Mattox  
Kenneth L. Mattox, MD Cardiac, Public health care -- (URL#2
Houston, TX 
Kenneth Mattox, Dr. Trauma 
Kim Walker Mattox HS staff 
Starkville, MS 
Kris Stephens  
Fremont, OH 
Kristin Mattox Basketball 
Athens, GA 
Lana Mattox Mountford(C) Information Architect 
Seattle, WA 
Lane P. Mattox  
Encinitas CA 
Larry Mattox US Marshall 
Larry Mattox Marathon 
Columbia SC 
Lee Mattox Lynchburg College, VA 
Leigh Mattox  
Richmond, VA 
Leonard Mattox Banking 
Houston, TX 
Lowell J. Mattox I.S. management 
St. Louis, MO 
M. L. Mattox  
M. Nalani Mattox Video production 
Honolulu, HI 
Marcia Mattox Felton(C)  
Marlo Mattox Student 
Plano, TX 
MaryAnne Mattox Kelly  
San Jose, CA 
Matt Mattox Lawyer 
Oregon City, OR 
Matt Mattox(C) school student 
Blackshear, GA 
Matthew J. Mattox  
Toledo, OH 
Michael B. Mattox Cultural affairs 
Broward County, FL 
Michael D. Mattox Theatrical Technician 
Morgantown, WV 
Michael Lee Mattox, Jr. Disc jockey 
Indianapolis, IN 
Michael Mattox Art 
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 
Michelle Mattox  
Mike Mattox ISP owner 
Moberly, MO 
Mitzi Descene Mattox  
Huntsville, AR 
Omar Mattox DTD pledge 
Medford, MA 
P. A. Mattox Cell biology 
Portland, OR 
Pat Collins-Mattox  
Phil Mattox Computer coordinator 
Springfield, OR 
Phyllis Mattox Hopper  
Richard Mattox  
Richard Mattox  
Winnsboro, NC 
Richard Valen Mattox Engineering -- (URL#2
Fayetteville, AK 
Rick L. Mattox Electronic Engineer 
Hanover Park, IL 
Rick L. Mattox(C) Electrical Engineer 
Cynthiana, KY 
Ricky Mattox(C) bell bondsmand 
Blackshear, GA 
Rodolfo E. Valles-Mattox Structural Engineer, Ph.D. 
Amherst, NY 
Roy Mattox  
S. Frank Mattox Attorney -- (URL#2
Indiana (?) 
Sammy Mattox(A) USAF (ret), Transportation Officer (GSA) 
Fresno, CA 
Shane Mattox  
Waukesha, WI 
Shawn (Herschel) Mattox  
West Terre Haute, IN 
Stephen Mattox Libertarian 
Clifton Heights, PA 
Stephen R. Mattox, Ph.D. Volcano research -- (URL#2
Grand Forks, ND 
Steve Mattox Computer engineer 
Laguna, CA 
Steve Mattox Supervisor at 3M Co. 
Knoxville, IA 
Tammy Mattox Minor  
Thomas Craig Mattox US Military Academy, West Point 
Orlando, FL 
Timothy I. Mattox Compilers 
West Lafayette, IN 
Tina Peddie  
Todd Jefferson Mattox Writer/producer 
San Diego, CA 
Tom Mattox Social dance 
Norwalk, CA 
Tracie Mattox(C) school student 
Blackshear, GA 
Tracy Lee (Mattox) Steele  
Bluffton, OH 
Tracy Lynn Mattox  
Tracy Mattox(C) farmer/w.w. 2 vetren "sergent" 
Blackshear, GA 
Troy Mattox(C) politician 
Blackshear, GA 
Vickie Mattox  
Richmond, VA 
Wayne A. Mattox  
Lilburn, GA 
William R. Mattox, Jr. Family matters 
Northern VA 
William S. Mattox UCDavis 
Cameron Park, CA 
William W. Mattox, Ph.D. Molecular genetics 
Houston, TX 

* Race key:
"C": Caucasian
"A": Afro-American


Mattox-Guest Broadcasting, Inc., Blackshear, GA
Rhyne, Alexander, Mattox Realty Co. Inc., Charlotte, NC
K. Mattox & Associates, Inc., St. Paul, MN, (health-care industry consulting)


Map showing Mattox Creek and Mattox Farm, Westmoreland County, Virginia.

Mattox Hall at Eastern Kentucky University. (Photo)
Mattox House Motel, Green Forest, AR (built by Kenneth Gene Mattox
Mattox Street, Kansas City, MO
Mattox Street, Orlando, FL
Mattox Street, El Paso, TX
The Charles Mattox Children's Museum, Albuquerque, NM (reference)

Mattox Family Histories  (Part 1)  (Part 2)

Submissions by various Mattoxes:

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Photo Gallery

Mug shots. What a great looking bunch!

Web-found Connections

So far, this Web page has resulted in the following Mattox family matches:

Possible match: The Jeffrey Mattox and Lana Mattox Mountford families report having a George Mattox who lived in Dearborn County, Indiana, but the birthdates do not match. But, could George be a brother of Robert. Sr.?

It's a damn good thing our last name isn't "Smith" or Jones."

Data updated: June 22, 1999. Introduction updated March 2005. Typo fix Dec 16, 2006